Paper Roller Coasters

This company makes amazing templates for building marble roller coasters.  They have paper and electronic versions for sale.  So Cool!


Reflection on Goals

I met my preliminary goals for this class.  I was surprised at how many great resources that this class introduced me to.  I am used to teaching tech stuff to kids, but I realize now that I have a lot about using tech to teach kids.  There are so many wonderful tools and resources available online.  I have already begun adapting my plans for next year to incorporate several of the sites that I have learned about.  Now that I am aware of the kinds of tools that are out there I will be looking for more and curating a list of resources for when I do end up teaching in a regular classroom.

Goals for EDCI 516

  1. Learn about educational websites and tech tools relevant to classroom teaching
  2. Learn classroom management and parent communication techniques using technology
  3. Get comfortable doing screencasts

Article Reflection – Powers and Green

Powers & Green, 2016 – Principals’ perspectives on social media

In their research Powers and Green examine principals perspectives on social media.  They found that principals are very positive about social media use as a tool in education.  They are aware however that broad scale implementation will depend on their teachers being willing and savvy enough to do it.  Principals that were most effective used social media as a powerful communication tool to keep parents and other stakeholders engaged in what was happening at the school.

ClassDojo – Happier Classrooms

Class Dojo is an all in one classroom management platform with a fun and playful vibe.  Very rich in resources.  Attendance, Announcements, Discipline / Rewards, Grades, Noise monitor, Random student picker, Group assignment, Group goals, Parent / Student communication.  Teacher accounts are Free