Structuring Digital Storytelling – Review of a “Common Sense” Lesson Plan

Review of “Creating Narratives and Converting them to Digital Storiesby Asdril A

Asdril’s lesson plan uses the 5E approach well while using technology in a manner which directly enhances the learning experience.  4th grade students are grouped into collaborative teams as they construct a narrative for conversion to digital form.  I like how there are several stages of revision and reflection as the students are required to give feedback to one another and are guided as they work through the story telling process.  The lesson plan focuses on student’s development of tense and sequence as the backbone of narrative while encouraging their use of descriptive detail.  After students have developed and refined their stories they are set loose to create their story using the software – in this case Toontastic – though Scratch or any other platform could also be used.  The technology here (an animation platform) presents an opportunity to bring together the use of sequence and detail to tell their stories.  Its an intentional approach to guiding kids through the creative process that I like.  Often I find that students are overwhelmed by the possibilities which a blank canvas offers and either freeze up or get distracted.  Well done Asdril!

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