Meet Edison -Robotics for Everyone

Edison is a $30 – $50 robot designed for education.  It is lego compatible and loaded with sensors and functionality.  It has dual front object detection, a line tracker on the bottom, a microphone and a piezo buzzer for playing tones.  Edison can be programmed from any computer or device with a headphone jack – (PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Chromebooks etc).  Edisons can also send messages to each other using infrared light or can be remote controlled using any IR remote control (TV, DVD, VCR etc).  Edison can be programmed in a variety of ways using different programming interfaces depending on the age and skill level of the student.  There are a set of 

barcodes for use with 4+ year old students. There is the EdBlocks interface which provides a lego block like programming environment as well as the EdPython interface for a full text only programming experience for more advanced students as well as a hybrid interface called EdWare.

All of the programming environments come with a full set of example programs and a fully developed set of activities and instructions.  Students love loading up the various examples and trying them out. This provides a great way to explore and learn by experimentation. My students love having Sumo bot wars in an arena drawn on a paper with sharpie.

Check it out at.

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