Coursework for EDCI 516

  • About Me section and Intro Video

About Mr VinCross

  • Your Introduction Video

  • Your goals

Goals for EDCI 516

  • Link to at least two EdTech websites you find useful

ClassDojo – Happier Classrooms

Be Strong Online – Free Digital Citizenship Curriculum

edpuzzle – integrating quizzes into youtube video

Nearpod – Synchronized classroom presentation

PenPal Schools – Global Citizenship via Cooperation

  • Link to at least one lesson plan

Structuring Digital Storytelling – Review of a “Common Sense” Lesson Plan

  • Holland & Holland, 2014 article and reflection

Article Reflection – Holland and Holland

  • Link to the Mitra TED talk and post your response

TED Talk – Sugata Mitra

  • Link to your Tech Integration Lesson Plan 1

Lesson Plan – Learning to create objects in Tinkercad

  • Link to your App Review

Review: Contraption Maker – “The Incredible Machine” lives again!

  • Google Slideshow on Assessment Strategies using Technology

Shared Class Presentation on Assessment

  • Mini EdTech Conference presentation

Meet Edison -Robotics for Everyone

  • Powers & Green, 2016 article reflection

Article Reflection – Powers and Green

  • Your storytelling app link (and your product, if possible),

  • your tech tool review

Tool Review – Padlet – Civilized group sharing

two of the storytelling apps that were demonstrated in class. Include links to them with a short explanation of how you might use each of them in your future/current classroom.

Review – – Great site for stimulating creative writing

  • Your group presentation answering a question about tech and the brain

Tech Ed presentation – Is tech damaging our brains?

  • Your position paper

My Philosophy of Educational Technology

  • Your social media paper (if in EDCI 516)

Social Media in Education

  • Reflect on your original goals

Reflection on Goals